Terms and conditions

All prices are in Euro. If your currency is another, my website shows an approximate value to let you know how much you will be charged. But that value is calculated automatically, according to current rates and increased a little to take the conversion fee into account. So real rates may differ and the site does not show an accurate amount in foreign currencies.

The payment system fee is taken up by me. If your account is in Euro, you will be charged only for the pipe without additional costs.

If you order a commission pipe, I will tell you the price in Euro beforehand. You will however pay only when the pipe is made. You are not obliged to buy the pipe made by commission. You may cancel the order whenever you want, even if the pipe is ready. If you don't like the pipe, I will make a new one for you, until you say "That's what I wanted!".


Of course you always may make me any price offer for any pipe. But I don’t always agree to provide a discount. Firstly, it depends on how long ago the pipe has been made. The average pipe stays available for about a month. If the pipe is older, I am often ready to lower the price. If the pipe is quite new, I prefer to wait for somebody who wants to pay the full price.


I promise to send out the pipe within 2 working days after getting the payment. Usually I go to the post office immediately or the next morning. Working days calendar in Latvia may differ from your country. We have some state holidays, for example gregorian Christmas and Latvian independence day.


Worldwide shipping with tracking number is FREE. Shipping to EU countries and USA usually takes about 5-10 days. The parcel will be delivered by the state postal service of your country (USPS in USA).

I take full responsibility for shipping. If the post service loses the parcel, I will refund the full price. If you receive the pipe damaged, just contact me within two days and send me a photo. I may ask you to send me the pipe "as is" and will refund the full price plus your post expenses.


You may return the unsmoked and undamaged pipe if you contact me within 14 days after receiving it. After I get the pipe back, I will refund the payment minus shipping cost.


If the bowl burns in less than half a year, or if the pipe breaks because of my fault, you are welcome to choose any of my available pipes for replacement or I will make the same pipe for you, or I will return your money including shipping price.

In any case please feel free to contact me, and take in mind you are my client and you are always right! My aim is to please you with the purchase and to get one more regular buyer. So I’m never indifferent and I am always on your side!

Some Statistics

I wrote this page to assure you that I am ready to solve any problems. I want you to trust the fact that I’m a reliable seller. But instead if this text has made you afraid of flaws, breaks and post problems, I hope these facts will help you:

Since 2011 I made over 300 pipes. For all these years there were:

  • Order cancelations: 5
    (4 of them were because of Russian Ruble dramatic devaluation in 2014)
  • Pipes lost or damaged while shipping: 0
  • Returns: 1
    (the buyer decided to quit smoking while the pipe was on the way to him, he even hadn’t opened the box).
  • Warranty cases: 0
  • Not warranty repairs: 3
    (damages after falling, gnawed mouthpieces)

Meanwhile, more than 2/3 of my pipes have been bought by people, who had bought before.

Alexandr Bondarev

Sasha Bondarev 🇱🇻 🇪🇺 Latvian pipe maker

I started making pipes in 2011, and now it's my only job. I make about 5 to 8 pipes per month, spending 2 to 3 working days on each one.

For my pipes I use Italian briar and German ebonite or acrylic rods. I pay special attention to pipe engineering: accurate drilling, fine stem fitting, comfortable mouthpiece button, deep V-slot.

Every single one of my pipes provides a perfect smoking experience. Just try one of them, and I’m sure you will want to get a second one soon.